Here are the various skills and knowledge I possess

HTML 5 / CSS 3

I obtained knowledge of these languages with the help of a Brazilian-based course entitled "Course in Video". It is a highly practical course and has enabled me to create my website project. It may be a simple website but it has several features including some in Javascript. You can check the project on my github.


JavaScript is a language that I am constraining via online searches. Examples of some of what I've learnt, are comprising the 'DOM', conditions in the JS, iterations, composite variables and functions.


Python is the language I'm dedicating a lot of my time to, as I identify with its capability to do various things and its simplicity as a language. I am currently doing a course for Udemy; although it is still ongoing, I will definitely continue doing more courses on Python and in the DJango sequence.


WordPress is the most-used globally and is basically a CMS - Content Management System. In other words, it is a system used to manage websites, blogs...etc ...sites that are easily edited through the administrative area, post-development, which is good for those clients who wish to make changes later.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic software focused on editing vector images. Through the Talenter Academy, where I am currently studying, I was able to learn of Adobe Illustrator's usability. It is part of the Adobe package and can be used to create illustrations, logos, typography and more. Through Illustrator, you can even edit three-dimensional objects.


Adobe Photoshop is a software defined as an image editor, and offers numerous resources while performing the proposed functions well. The results are impressive for their functionality, performance and practicality. All knowledge I could acquire through Talenter Academy school.

Adobe XD

The main functionality of the Adobe XD tool is the creation of mobile applications and for this it presents the possibility of choosing which screen will be the artboard, according to the project. You can view all application screens at the same time while doing your work and simulate how the visual elements will behave when the user touches the screen, in addition to pasting the same element from the clipboard on different screens. All experience and knowledge of this tool is acquired through Talenter Academy, with follow-on projects assigned at the end of the course.